#MWWC9: Paranoid, Phobic, and Terrified… Oh My!

mwwcThe Monthly Wine Writing Challenge or MWWC for short gives us bloggers an opportunity to tap into our wee minds and unleash hell on whatever theme the past month’s winner dishes out. This month we got given a theme by The Drunken Cyclist that could make us shiver in our blogger boots.

My previous (and first) entry into the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge had me rambling on about luck and wine faults to the tune of +1,000 words. If I do say so myself it was a fine ol’ piece but didn’t win me gold. I want gold and I will get it… one day.

Should I just revel in the fact that it gave the opportunity to expand my creativity by writing on a forced subject or allowed me to stumble upon more great blogs to add to my morning reader round up? Maybe so.

This months theme has given me a few ideas I could run with.
In the end, I decided to present to you a newbies trip down ‘slightly shit scared but doing it anyhow’ memory lane.

Meeting your favourite winemaker for the first time and mispronouncing his prized bottle’s name… Embarrassed
Having to spit in your first spittoon at your first wine event while representatives watch your every move… Paranoid (I honestly think I may have a spitting complex)
Being singled out to point out tasting notes in a room full of wine industry types with a minimum of 10+ more years experience then you… Phobic
Organising a tasting and waiting for people to show then proceeding to present to the few that do wondering the whole time if they think your wack… Paranoid
Embarking on a lengthy journey to learn everything you possibly can about something you know almost nothing about… Terrifying

The thing is at the end of the day the best way to conquer fear, is to face what you fear the most.

…and hey at least in the end you get a nice tall glass of vino to reward you for your efforts.

So cheers fear, you tasty.

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7 thoughts on “#MWWC9: Paranoid, Phobic, and Terrified… Oh My!

  1. Recognize those feelings… As normally I am a relaxed speaker, and always liked to teach when working at the university…at our first wine tasting course in English, I got completely nervous and the mind went blank too…;-)

  2. There is a number of how to’s on spitting online. I’ve referenced Wine Folly’s spitting breakdown in the past, http://winefolly.com/tutorial/how-to-spit-wine/. I love that website.

    I might have spat out more wine then I’ve drank in my life but I still get nervous every single time. Except when you go to wineries and you can spit into the drainage vents…. that’s my favourite game to play.

    p.s that was a lie… I’ve probably consumed more then i’ve let out 😉

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