A New Journey Begins: WSET Diploma Program

As some of you know I’ve been studying through the WSET for a few years now and have recently received my Advanced certificate. A little slack I know as most could probably smash it out in a year…. but I put it off. When I started my WSET path I was never sure if I was going to go all the way to Diploma or just stop at Advanced and know that it gave me the upper edge. Well as of today I’m sure, I got my “acceptance letter” into the WSET Diploma Program throughout the IWEG in Toronto. I start in May and plan to blog about my trials and tribulations.


Just a fraction of my “recommended reading”

Once I got the email suddenly a swarm of butterflies hit my stomach, it’s the same feeling I get when I go to spit in a shallow spitting bucket. Don’t you just hate those! The following  thought process starts going on in my head… Am I going to get the dreaded splash back and embarrass myself? Is it going to dribble down my chin, onto my white blouse, and instantly make me look like a drunken fool? (honestly people whoever pulls off white wine tasting deserve a prize)

The fact is 95% of the time I aim perfectly and walk away clean. I can live with 95%.

I’m rambling. Ok… hold the phone… WSET?…. Diploma Program?

logo_detailsThe WSET stands for Wine and Spirit Education Trust a global program based out of London, England. Basically, it provides anyone who’s willing to cough up the cheddah ($$$) and damage their liver with top notch wine and spirits training. I chose it over others because it emphasises on the knowledge portion and not to much the service portion. I don’t consider myself a crisp white shirt, cloth over the forearm, let me decant this over a candle kinda gal. Although the last one would be cool do to. Their qualification system runs form Level 1 (Intermediate) to Level 4 (Diploma) with an added Level 5 Diploma honours program for those who are just glutton for punishment. There’s plenty of wine schools out there to suit every palate. Keen to impress your next dinner guest with you fab wine knowledge? Want to know the difference between Syrah and Shiraz? Take a course! You never know where it might lead you…



Here’s a list of a few schools. They all have programs all over the world. http://www.wsetglobal.com

If it seems like a big commitment you can always go see your friendly wine shop/wine club they may have entry level courses happening at a lower cost. Google it..


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