Tasting – Qupé 2010 Roussanne Bien Nacido Hillside Vineyard


I got this little Californian number as my going away present from work. Seemed only fitting I enjoy it with my going away dinner.

Always a sucker for something a little strange and different, I was excited to try the Qupé 2010 Roussanne (http://www.qupe.com). It did not disappoint upon first opening it, even got a “this is really nice, and I don’t normally drink white wine” from someone at the table.

Hold up, what the f*^$ is Roussanne? Well it’s a white grape variety originally grown in the Rhone Valley in France (one of my faves). It is seldom found standing on its own two feet and is usually blended. For u budding wino’s here’s a wee wiki link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roussanne

Bear in mind it wasn’t the best tasting environment: Small wine glasses (a pet peeve of mine), bad lighting, I’d just spat out some minty chewing gum.

Now for the fun bit… notes

It’s golden hue was inciting, herbal tea notes and this powerful tropical note almost like pineapple on the nose which followed through on the palate  balancing with the oak/creaminess in the finish. Medium body and Medium to high acidity.


Well I enjoyed the wine to the extent of putting Qupé on my vineyard tour of California. Have to say it wasn’t the best match with my Thai green curry and probably would of suited a nice fatty chicken/pork dish with some sage/thyme….but it went down no complaints

Now the bags are all packed and waiting for the check in at the airport, afraid its my last post in the southern hemisphere for awhile. Guess Ill just have to curl up with a Central or Martinborough Pinot when I’m missing my beloved Aotearoa.

p.s Please note I have shocking photography skills, I am sorry in advanced for all the attached photos you will see on this blog.


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